Hasse ‘Hassan’ Sørensen

guerrilla, graphic designer, writer, concept creater, instructor and slightly odd at times

Tellusgatan 9A · 224 57 Lund · Sweden

+45 31 50 20 15


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The further down you scroll, the more information you get 

(Sami proverb)

I am the chieftain of the advertising agency The Pale Tribe, which serves clients needing something a little more thoughtful and provocative.

It’s from the local pizzeria, and rock bands to organizational under the UN.

It is from Nuuk, in the Polar Sea, to Nouméa, in the Pacific.

The Pale Tribe offers guerrilla marketing, conceptual advertising, visual identity, graphic design and campaign development.

 A little more personal information

” should be ashamed of myself …”

In the Danish and Swedish languages a lot more information is found about books I write and projects for new business owners, but they aren’t translated to English, and presumably never will be. So here’s your incitement to learn a new language.


Hassan Sørensen

Tellusgatan 9A, 224 57 Lund, Sverige

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